Pinkhot’s Commitment to Social Responsibility


As a vegan-led business, it is important to Chloe that all of her products and practices fit in with her ethics as much as is reasonably possible – to the best of our abilities. You will not find any leather, wool, beeswax or bone beading products in the store or as part of our kits.

We have a stringent approach to recycling within the office (and home) to ensure nothing goes to landfill unless absolutely necessary. We also take steps to save energy as much as possible and only use eco-friendly cleaning products.


All of Chloe’s kits are beautifully packaged in cellophane bags. We have recently transitioned to biodegradable plant-based cellophane bags for our kit packaging and are regularly reviewing this to source even-more sustainable options where possible moving forward.

Orders are carefully wrapped in tissue paper to protect them, making them ready to give as gifts or enjoy unwrapping yourself! We have recently replaced vinyl stickers with paper non-vinyl stickers.

All items are all packed in padded white paper envelopes or cardboard boxes to protect the contents. These are fully recyclable.


Human Rights

Here at Pinkhot we believe that everyone deserves to right to live free and equal.

As a very small business, we don’t have any employees, and it is very difficult for us to have the scope to oversee our suppliers in the same way as a very big brand, but we endeavour to buy ethically and fairly wherever possible.

We use our voice for good and support with charitable donations to charities and organisations who can make greater impacts to support others in need.

Wild at Heart LGBT+ Pride heart and beader banner tutorial with Delica beads

Giving Back

Every October, Chloe selects a charity to support with a donation of profits. This charity is chosen either as one personally close to Chloe’s own heart, or from suggestions from our customers. Previously we have donated to local cancer support charities and Fibromyalgia UK.

Supporting our local – and global – community is important. Beading helps bring people together and offers a mindful and therapeutic pastime for many.

To help share this Chloe volunteers for the Beadworkers Guild, helping support with social media and marketing, as well as being part of the team responsible for running International Beading Week.

Chloe also continues to run her fortnightly beading group via Zoom – at no charge – to ensure beaders have a venue to come together that is a safe and open space.

In the past Chloe has also volunteered for local arts groups and youth groups to help raise awareness of beading and arts and crafts in general.


If you have any questions on this or have an idea of a charity project we could work on together please do get in touch.