About us

All Pinkhot Jewellery is designed and made by Chloe Menage. Chloe lives and works in the UK where she loves to share her beading knowledge and passion with others.

Chloe Menage, beaded jewellery designer and maker in her home studio

Meet the maker

As an experienced jewellery designer and teacher, Chloe was previously editor of popular publication Bead & Jewellery magazine and online TV channel Bead.TV. She is a Starman Trendsetter Alumni and her work has been published in many of the top beading and craft magazines. Chloe has also appeared as a Guest Designer on JewelleryMaker TV channel.

In 2018 Chloe won first place in the Professional category of the Stitchncraft Beads challenge. She has had her work exhibited in various galleries and exhibitions including Winchester Discover Centre, the Willis Museum, The Spring and Ashcroft Arts Centre.

Chloe has been teaching beading and jewellery making techniques for more than 10 years and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge for beading with others. Her teaching has taken her all around the UK as well as further afield to Sweden. She now teaches globally thanks to her virtual Zoom beading workshops. For details of current classes please see the workshops page.

Chloe lives on Hayling Island, Hampshire on the south coast of England with her husband and daughter. When not beading or doing mum things, she can be found cooking, crocheting, taking walks on the beach or snuggled up with a good book.

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About Pinkhot Jewellery

Funky, colourful and original; Pinkhot Jewellery is based out of Chloe’s home studio in Hampshire, UK. Chloe’s designs are full of colour, texture and sparkle, drawing inspiration from everything from flowers, to fabrics, to the beads themselves.

All of Chloe’s tutorials include detailed step-by-step instructions with clear photos and computer-drawn diagrams to help you create the project. Kits include carefully curated bead palettes and high-quality materials, bringing you the very best beading supplies in a ready-to-go selection.

If you share Chloe’s love of beading then shop from our wonderful range of patterns, kits and workshops. Chloe loves to pass on her passion for beading jewellery, so the patterns shop features an array of beadwork tutorials suitable for beginners through to experienced level.

“This Stegosaurus Drop grabbed my interest the first time I saw it and never let go. I even took advantage of a good bead sale and ordered the supplies before getting the pattern. I’m pumped to start making these, especially now; they’ll be a delightful diversion!”


“Thank you the earrings arrived today! They are gorgeous thank you and so pleased I can wear them in the festive season! Thank you so so so much for helping me with this!”


“My Yoake Bottle is finished! I’m going to try making my own cabochon for the front – just waiting for the clear cabs to arrive. This may just be my favourite pattern ever, it was a joy to bead and went together perfectly. Huge thanks to @pinkhot_uk for a great workshop.”


Handmade Jewellery

In addition Pinkhot also offers a range of elegant and contemporary handmade jewellery. Each delightful beaded design is carefully stitched by Chloe using tiny beads and crystals.

Available ready wear from our shop; Chloe’s sparkling earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories are perfect for everyday wear or for a special occasion. Every piece is finished to the highest standard and using the finest materials.

Look out for Chloe at selected art jewellery shows around Hampshire.