Kits & Materials

Check out the array of exclusive Pinkhot jewellery making and beadweaving kits and exclusive materials all designed by Chloe Menage.

Full kits of these exciting beading projects come with all the beads, findings and instructions needed to get creating (unless otherwise stated). Choose from colourful charm bracelets, exclusive Jane Austen beading kits, Starburst Pendants or easy peasy flowers – we have something for every level of beader.

The materials packs such as the Beaded Tape Measures are the perfect way to get hold of hard to find materials for must-make projects. They include the important elements, you simply need to add beads and thread in your own choice of colours! Plus shop for exclusive handmade cabochons for beading around, mini pots for your beaded cacti, and more!

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  • Mini cacti wooden pots

    Mini Cactus Pots

  • Jane Austen's Pendant - Beading Kit

    Jane Austen’s Pendant Kit

  • Sea Measure Beaded Tape Measure Kit

    Sea Measure Materials Pack

  • Handmade Shakespeare cabochons perfect for beading projects

    Handmade Shakespeare Sonnet Cabochons

  • Crescent Mandalas Beading Kit

    Crescent Mandala Kit

  • 16mm handmade cacti cabochons for beading

    16mm Cacti Cabochons

  • Celestial Armilla Materials Pack

    Celestial Armilla Workshop Materials Pack

  • Starburst Pendant beading kit

    Starburst Pendant kit

  • Design your own beaded tape measure kit

    Design Your Own Tape Measure Materials Pack

  • Kajagoogoo Duo Necklace beading pattern

    Kajagoogoo Duo Necklace Kit

  • Emily Triangle Earrings Kit

  • Red charm bracelet kit

    Beaded Charm Bracelet Kits