A wedding far, far away…

OK, well not that far away, but the quote is apt for this geek-tastic event! When Laura asked me to create a bespoke tiara for her Playstation-themed wedding, I knew this was going to be no ordinary wedding commission.

Laura and Alex met through a mutual love of gaming, with a passion for the Sony Playstation in particular, so carrying this through as the main theme for their wedding really was only natural!

Photo by Laura Brown Photography

Photo by Laura Brown Photography

A tiara was a finishing touch; Laura wanted something feminine, yet with a delightfully geeky nod to the Playstation – a tricky brief! The tiara needed to have blue elements, to tie in with the blue colour scheme, so we picked out sparkling Capri Blue double coated Swarovski crystals – perfect!

Next I worked on how I would include the Playstation elements; Laura wanted the circle, square, triangle and cross shapes from the controller incorporated into the tiara. This proved trickier than it sounded; using the bits from an old controller would be too industrial for this dainty design, while creating the shapes from blue wire meant they just didn’t stand out enough!

In the end a brainwave led to a complete redesign! I created coin shapes out of polymer clay, which I gave a lovely metallic finish with some mica powder. Swarovski crystal diamantes outlined the shapes and the whole lot was baked and varnished. These were then wired onto the hand-formed decorative wire base, and extra sparkle was added with plenty of wire-wrapped crystals.

The finished tiara band had a real princess feel to it, and worked beautifully with Laura’s Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) inspired hair.

Photo by Laura Brown Photography

Photo by Laura Brown Photography

Laura's Playstation tiara

The wedding itself was elegant yet playful. It was set in the beautiful Southdown’s Manor Hotel, where the couple’s personality was evident throughout. Fun touches included the bride’s handmade felt bouquet, light saber photo props and computer gaming table centrepieces – oh and not forgetting the Playstation cake!

So, if you’re looking for something a little different for your big day, why settle for off the shelf? Get a tiara, fascinator or necklace tailored especially for you, to pull through all of those little, but important touches.

Speak to us today about how we can help with your bespoke wedding jewellery.

Laura's geek-tastic weddingLaura's geektastic wedding Laura's geek-tastic wedding

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