My Favourite Colour Palettes

I often get asked for advice about colours or to suggest some colour combinations. So I thought I’d share two of my favourite colour palettes with you. The first is very much in ‘Chloe colours’ and the second is slightly more muted but still makes a statement.

I hope you find it useful and I’d love to hear (and see) what you make with these palettes. Share you pictures with me on social, in my Facebook group or drop me an email 

Happy Beading!

Chloe x

Mermaid Hues

  • Opaque turquoise
  • Hot pink/fuchsia
  • You can’t go wrong with a splash of gold too!
I find myself drawn to this colour combination often (as you can see!) and think it has a bit of a mermaid feel to it. These are definitely two of my favourite colours ever so it makes sense to me to bring them together.
Opaque and galvanised/metallic beads give the most pop so if you want something that’s a statement then opt for these finishes.

Warm Metallics

  • Duracoat Galvanised Muscat 4206
  • Duracoat Galvanised Dark Mauve 4213
  • Duracoat Galvanised Dark Berry 4212

This colour combination happened by accident! I was sent a selection of seed beads and just happened to have these three tubes on my desk at once and they looked so scrummy!

(As a side note my 4-year-old daughter thought I was very odd for referring to colours as scrummy yesterday, “Mummy you can’t eat them!”).

Muscat was a happy find as it’s become one of my fave seed bead colours; I love how it changes colour depending on what you pair it with; ranging from copper to bright orange. In this set it looks very copper but paired with the pinks of Aztec Wings it looks orange.

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